Tuesday, May 16, 2017

13 Reasons for life time of loss

As the year is closing to an end, I'm continuing my journey through the book "13 reasons why" by Jay Asher. The band wagon TV series is what got me to start reading the book, but now the pages speak for themselves. I really enjoy this mystery book although I wish I had read it before finishing the Netflix series to spoil the ending. One specific quote that stuck out to me was “no one knows for certain how much impact they have on the lives of other people.” (pg, 156) because it shows how people make a difference to others daily without even noticing it. No matter what you might think, you are important and who you are as a person effects many people in your life even if it goes unseen. The book 13 reasons why is about a teenager named Hannah Baker who commits suicide but leaves 13 recorded tapes to explain why she killed herself . Clay Jenson a classmate along with others go through each tape waiting to hear what they did to deserve a spot on one of the tapes. Throughout the book many secrets come out and lies are told crating a very mystery and romantic feel. Overall I'm enjoying reading this book and hope to finish before the school year is up. I'm so glad with my accomplished reading goals throughout this year and this book is definitely at the top of my favorites.

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Abandoning what you don't love

In this current set of 9 weeks I have already finished around 200 pages of The Memory Keepers Daughter by Kim Edwards. This particular novel is a fiction book, but the author illustrates an extremely true and real setting. Although I have no experience with Kim Edwards books, I have enjoyed this mystery/life altering story immensely. In the beginning, a newly wed couple prepares to have a baby, the key word in the previous sentence is "a", meaning singular. When unexpected events turn they end up having twins and the second child is born with down syndrome. Dr. Henry then lies to his wife telling her their daughter died and sends their kid with a nurse to be sent to a special needs facility. "Phoebe, his sister, a secret kept for a quarter or a century"(pg, 400). This quote shows how long all of the bundled up lies lasted all because of one parent unable to cope with a disabled kid. I disagree with how Dr. Henry dealed with his situation  This book while frustrating because of the confusion taking place between a love triangle, is a eye opener for many people. I can relate to this book in terms of people lying to me but not to these standards. Overall I would really recommend picking up this AP title for anyone looking for a book that's impossible to set down.

Friday, April 7, 2017

The Reading Life I Hope to Have

The Reading Life I Hope to Have
Last night just before I went to bed I reached to grab something. I didn't reach for my phone, or my laptop, I didn't even reach for my TV remote, instead I leaned over and grabbed onto a thick and brand new hard cover book. I opened up the pages and the complex diction flowed into my brain without even thinking about it. The next day when I became bored, I did in fact pull out my phone, but not to scroll through the most recent twitter feed or check how many Instagram likes I have received, alternatively I opened the "Ibooks' application and again I began reading so simply. This in fact is not what I do today, but what I hope to do in the future. My reading goals for this year are going to be the most challenging reading goals I have set yet. I hope to read over 2000 pages in the span of 9 weeks. Last 9 weeks I consumed over 1,200 pages worth of knowledge that I received from books. This was from a vastly large variety of novels ranging from long classical literature to short non fiction books. Although in the past I have not been the type of person to pick up a book over playing outside, my goal the rest of the year is to get better and read at least 15 minutes every single day.